Who We Are?

Biokloud is an established information system company delivering services of any complexity to clients worldwide.
Being in IT business, BioKloud has a strong team of skilled experienced IT experts.

We offer all services needed to maintain fully operational computer: Support and assistance to users (remotely, on-site), Network administration and server, Infrastructure Security, Mobility Management, Audit & Consulting, Cloud (hosted email) ...

BioKloud delivers comprehensive web services ranging from custom website design to development of complex internet systems. We provide our customers a complete solution for IT services they needed.

  • Ideas

    Project leaders usually issue a request for proposals or a call for submissions , in order to discover the most effective solution to a particular problem. In this kind of project, judges must sift through different ideas before settling on the team.

  • Preparation

    The preparation phase often includes brainstorming sessions that result in "pie in the sky" estimates instead of true cost/benefit analysis.
    Effective preparation also includes laying the groundwork for the evaluation phase of the project cycle.

  • Presentation

    The presentation often determines whether or not a project will reach its eventual conclusion. By the presentation phase, project managers and planners should be able to communicate: project need, goals and expected outcomes, budget and timeline.

  • Implementation

    It frequently takes the longest amount of time. During this phase a project manager actually takes the steps to lead a team through the process developed during the previous three stages.


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